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Latest News From the Campaign

August 16th Update

Last week was a successful week for the No Smart Meters Campaign.  We had two meetings at the Trout Lake Grange. 


The first meeting was with the Trout Lake Community Council.  They agreed to sent a letter to Klickitat KPUD requesting a pause for the rollout until meetings are held and residents concerns are addressed.  The letter contains a number of concerns that KPUD is supposed to address at the next TLCC.

The second meeting was a presentation plus a question and answer session with members from the Trout Lake community.  The presentation covered several topics about smart meters including; the failure of KPUD to inform the public (tacit consent), health and safety issues, data collection/privacy, higher electric bills from a tiered rate structure, and the global electricity supply shortage.  Also two presenters provided their personal accounts of experience with smart meters, and the potential impact on local farmers.

Both of these meetings had a good turnout from the community, with successful outcomes.

Next, we are filing a public records request to KPUD, and filing legal action to stop smart meters from being deployed.


There is still a lot of work to do.  Stay in touch about how you can help, and get involved.


Please keep an eye on our website, and your email for upcoming events.  

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