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"Smart" Meter Awareness
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Get Informed, Protect Yourself & Join Together

Klickitat PUD is attempting to change your existing contract, and is rolling out intrusive electric meters for all customers right now!  This means your current analog electric meter will be replaced with a new "Smart" Meter, unless you take action.  

Why You Should Care

Health and Environment

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Smart Meters emit frequent bursts of carcinogenic RF microwave radiation into homes, and the environment. Many individuals have reported experiencing various health symptoms. Animals, including pets, wildlife, and livestock, as well as plants, may also be affected by these emissions.

Invasion of

Without your consent, "Smart" Meters collect individual energy usage, which can be accessed by government agencies and sold to marketers.  They are surveillance, and control devices that allow utility companies to monitor and even ration your electricity usage.  These devices are easily hackable.

Higher Electric

Smart Meters function as rationing devices that monitor usage 24/7 to charge varying rates during different times of the day. Due to escalating charges for peak time usage, bills can greatly increase. Also, they create dirty electricity voltage transients, which adds about 10% more electricity to your bill.


There have been numerous reports of electrical fires caused by arcing and sparking. Homes with older wiring may be more susceptible to problems.  Also, it has been reported that Smart Meters have insufficient electrical protections to prevent overheating, and has no ground or surge protection.
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Take Action Today!

"Opt-Out" is a Cop-Out

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